What Is A Stock Market

what is a stock market
What people contribute most to the stock market?

What are the names of the poeple who contribute the most money in the whole stock market? There has got to be a limited number of individual people that own X percent of stock in the ENTIRE market…who are these people and how much percent of the market do they own? I ask this because someone told me that Bush along with 3 other people own the majority/most percentage of the enitre stock market. Is it true or is this person completely crazy…it seems pretty possible to me but that is why i ask on yahoo.

Right now, the entire worldwide stock market has a market value of 30-40 trillion dollars. The wealthiest man in the world according to marketable assets is currently Warren Buffet, who has about $60 billion dollars, mostly in stock in his company, Berkshire Hathaway, and with the remainder primarily invested in the stocks of other companies. Bill Gates has about the same ammount, invested mostly in Microsoft shares. Between Bill Gates’ shares in Microsoft, and Warren Buffet’s investments, they control less than one half of one percent of the world’s stock market. In 1988 an article by CNN claimed that George HW bush, the former president and father of the current presideint, had a net worth of only $4,000,000 dollars tied up mostly in real estate. I found estimates of the current president’s net worth ranging from 8 to 23 million dollars, earned mostly as a result of returns on his share in the family’s trust fund, and on his investment in the Texas Rangers. I would assume that his parents and all of his siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles each have a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars range. Collectively, that would only add up to a few hundred million dollars for the entire extended bush-walker family, about 1% of the wealth warren Buffet or Bill Gates have.

How the Stock Market Works – Cartoon Tutorial – Economics and Investing Video (1952)

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