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Penny Stocks?

I would like to start investing in Penny stocks. I have an account with

1-Is there any tutorial or comprehensive book for penny stock investors?

2-I have heard about softwares that help you in deciding when to buy and when to sell. Is that true? If so, what softwares do you recommend.

3-I searched for some information on the Internet and I came across website. This site and others claim that they can help you in deciding when to buy and when to sell, how true is that and would it be beneficial to join one of these websites to maximize the profit.


i have been doing it for about 6 years now,and i have done well with it.

1) only buy stocks on the 3 exchanges (NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX)
2) buy between $1.00 – $3.00 a share.
3) no more then 15 million shares outstanding
4) positive earning per share (EPS)
i use the yearly numbers and not quartly numbers
5)buy at least a 100 shares worth.
6) sell 50 shares when the stock doubles in price. this takes your money off the table so to speak. then you buy another company.
7) buy at 50% the book value of the company.(shareholder equity divided by # of shares outstanding)
8)current ratio of 2.0 (current assets divided by current laibilities)
9) little or no long term debt.

if you stick these rules you should do ok.

Secrets On How To Buy Penny Stocks Revealed.

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