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I wanted to let you know that you can get 50% off of all Timothy Sykes Products (even subscriptions) at this link:  Time Sykes Discount

What you need to do is order what you want and you will get a 50% rebate from Sykes within a few days.  I wish he gave his discount up front, but hey, he is more of a savvy stock trader than internet marketer – but he is working on his web site and the buying experience should improve (but not the prices).  This deal goes on to Midnight Monday eastern time (GMT-5).  Tim Sykes DVDs VERY good but are fairly expensive, so if you have been on the fence I recommend you take advantage of this short term deal.

I have a few of his DVDs.  I would recommend as your first purchase: PennyStocking Part Deux

This DVD covers his basic philosophy and is a very long an meaty product. My cost was $497 so but you can get it at the more reasonable 50% price of $248.50

Also, there is no way you should miss out on his monthly sub price discount ($25 a month) which is less then I am paying.  I probably will cancel and reorder at the better price. (unless he gives me a discount) Edit: Monthly subs are not 50% off.

I’ll get into it later, but if you are going to follow any stock guru.  Sykes is the only one worth his salt.  There are certain things you can do to be more consistent with his system which I will continue to explain in this blog, but you pretty much need a disciplined system to trade his system…… if that makes any sense??  Anyway, order what you need now at this Timothy Sykes discount Product page: 50% discount on Sykes products until midnight November 30!

Let me know what you think.


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