Where To Buy Penny Stocks

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How do you know when stock is penny stock? Where can I buy penny stock? ?

How do you know when stock is penny stock? Also, and more importantly, where can I buy penny stock?

I hear that etrade and most of the other trading places don’t sell them.

Although I appreciate your advice I really don’t want the feedback on don’t buy penny stock it’s not worth it , etc. I’m only looking for where I can buy it and how i can determine its penny stock.

I have some money to invest and that is where I want it.


Different brokers define them differently. Usually anything that sells for under $2 a share is considered a penny stock (a penny doesn’t go as far as it used to).

Scottrade and most online brokers allow you to trade penny stocks.

Of course penny stocks are very risky and it’s hard to find reliable information on them. Whatever you do, don’t take tips from unsolicited emails.

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