Picking Penny Stocks

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what is the best penny picker stock site?

I would like to know if thier is any sites to help pick stocks that anyone has had positive experience with.

Stay away from any “penny stock” sites.
There are some “services” (news letters) that have “OK” recommendations. The biggest problem with them is they’ll tell you when to buy & not tell you when to sell.

When to sell is issue #1. Not what to buy.

Don’t get involved with penny stocks until you’ve been investing for at least 5 years. Penny Stocks are the number one draw for begginers. It’s truly the last place they should be.

Notice that there are no web sites listed by me. There is nothing I want you to buy (or look at). You are in very dangerous country. Invest, undertand what you’re buying. Don’t gamble. Don’t “hope” the stock will go up.

Consider yourself warned.

Is Picking Penny Stocks As Good As It Sounds?

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