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penny stocks for sale
Penny stocks -which trader?

Im thiking of a giving a shot at penny stocks. I know its a big risk/gamble, but Im planning to try nevertheless just few hundereds.

Is there an issue with which I trader I buy. I mean since some penny stocks dont trade much in a day. If I buy, the brokerage has to find a seller right? But this maybe an issue if the sellers, dont use that brokerage.
I have used etrade before. But openend in fidelity and zecco.

Im a newbie in trading, so can someone pls clarify this:
If I see the price as $X and I sell immediately, am i gauranteed for the sale to be at that price?
Or the brokerage firm has to wait to find a buyer and then setlle my price.

You are way to early in your trading experience to try penny stocks (your questions are my source for this conclusion).
It’s as if you wanted to drive on a highway but didn’t really know what a steering wheel did (let alone not knowing what a break was).

Penny stocks should only be traded by experienced traders. You don’t have a clue about general trading and yet you want to gamble here. That’s financially irresponsible.

For your own good, read 2 – 3 good books on investing. Start with large cap’s & ETF’s. Never (ever) invest in anything you don’t fully understand.

Consider yourself warned.

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