Penny Stock Exchange

penny stock exchange
Are pump and dump stocks still common place? How do they generally function?

I noticed this when i was torlling around penny stock websites and noticed the fraudulent atmosphere with exorbitant predictions mentioning REAL stocks, one of those was Radient Pharmaceutical(RPC) i looked up the quote and realized it was operating like a pump and dump scam now it is in deep deep decline, many people have been burned after several suits clamming they mislead investors on their false links to working with prestigious cancer institutions and recently today NYSE has considered barring it from exchange, if ijust found one very easily who knows how many of these exist

Penny stocks are like the ‘hoods & slums of the investing world, where lies, falsehood, deceit, scams and criminal activities flourish.

You would do well to steer clear of such, until and unless you feel you have a good knowledge of the shenanigans going on, and can hold your own in such an environment.

For me, I don’t even go close to that area.

Where to find filings for a penny stock

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