Top Stocks To Buy

top stocks to buy
Stocks Today. What are the top 10 you would buy and why?

So I’m going to buy some stocks today. Since its my first time buying stocks, I want to make a good choice. I’m not really able to understand which ones are good and not because recently most of them have been going down so could you help me. Please and thank you!!!

Buy the book “The Successful Investor” by William O’Neil and read it over and over until you understand it. Otherwise you are not ready to be investing. You won’t know how much and when to get into certain positions, when to take profits or add more, and when to get out. You might get lucky, but chances are you will eventually lose, and lose big. The top ten I’d buy now are: CHK, JOYG, POT, RIO, FCX, AEM, V(when it comes out) ETF’s: USO, GLD, EWZ

What are Roger Montgomery’s top 20 A1 stocks? Top Stocks to Buy Now? Buy Stocks

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