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Why won’t Hillary release her tax returns?

Her daughter Chelsea works for a hedge fund, whose founder is a big contributor to Hillary’s campaign. They specialize in buying up foreclosed real estate and bankrupt companies, then sell at a profit.
With this economy in such bad shape I don’t know how Chelsea’s firm can afford to be without her as she campaigns for her mother.
It just doesn’t seem right that as the economy tanks, the fortunes of the Clinton’s could really grow and grow and grow.

It’s the perfect scam. Create business conditions so harsh that businesses fail, stocks crash and homeowners face foreclosure. Behind all of this is Chelsea Clinton, rushing in to buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar at the bankruptcy sales. Then later, after some favored tax break or regulatory relief from Mom, the assets will rise in value and be sold for a large profit.

How much has Hillary earned since that $100,000 she made in pork bellies?

I am not holding my breath. We are dealing with The Clinton’s and The Clinton Machine. I doubt if we will ever see their tax returns for reasons that we are all speculating on, especially since Slick Willy has been linked to obtaining his newest riches from his associations and speeches in The Middle East. It sounds like a conflict of interest should Hillbilly become the next president.
Do you all remember when The Clinton’s began shipping items from The White House one year before they left? They were so unpopular with that staff there that some of the staff helped compile the list of missing items. Of course, The Clinton’s plead their case, stating that they thought the items were theirs. They were made to return a number of items and paid well over 80,000 for others. Who could stand four or eight more years of a Clinton?
There is new hope though. I recently learned that Chelsea has no designs on a political career. Thank God, we don’t have to worry about another Clinton running for office.

February 27, 2008 1:02 PM

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: The White House on Wednesday blamed the Clintons for a month-long delay in the release of some 11,000 pages of records relating to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s years as first lady, despite Sen. Clinton’s contention at Tuesday night’s debate that she has “urged that the process [of releasing documents] be as quick as possible.”

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said that Clinton representatives have known since Jan. 31 that the documents — Hillary Clinton’s daily public schedule during her husband’s presidency — have been deemed ready for public release by the National Archives.

But under a November 2001 exectuive order, the White House can’t make them available to the public until approval is given by a designated representative of former President Bill Clinton.

“Presently, we have not received notice that the Clinton representative has reached a decision on the release or withholding of any of Mrs. Clinton’s schedules,” Perino said, adding that the White House has not objected to approval of any of the more than 550,000 pages of documents released so far from the Clinton years.

“It is our intent and has been the practice to act on any requests as quickly as possible,” Perino said.

On Tuesday, Clinton was asked about the backlog by debate moderator Tim Russert. She said she had urged both her husband’s representatives and the Bush administration to move as quickly as possible in releasing the records.

“I’ve urged that the process be as quick as possible,” said Clinton, D-N.Y. “And I have urged that our end of it move as expeditiously as we can. Now, also, President Bush claims the right to look at anything that is released, and I would urge the Bush White House to move as quickly as possible.”

Pressed by Russert whether, after a month, the documents could be sent to the White House for final review “immediately,” Clinton responded: “As soon as we can, Tim. I’ve urged that, and I hope it will happen.”

Perino said Wednesday that the backlog exists entirely on the Clintons’ end.

“There are none that are ripe for White House action that we know of,” she said. “And, no, to my knowledge we have not been contacted by Mrs. Clinton or anyone else about moving more quickly with the review and release of Clinton material, specifically, her schedules.”

UPDATE: In response to the comments from the White House, the Clinton Foundation issued this statement from Bruce Lindsey — the former president’s point person for reviewing documents for public release — indicating that the documents will be sent to the White House for final review within the next two weeks:

“To be clear, there is no delay. After a six month review, [the National Archives and Records Administration] finished the first step of the process of reviewing 11,000 pages of First Lady Hillary Clinton schedules on January 31, 2008. I have been reviewing those schedules and expect to complete that part of the process within the 45 day window allotted by NARA. More importantly, because of President Clinton’s commitment to make public a full record of his presidency, I will be recommending that NARA release more information than they currently have designated for release.”

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