In The Stocks

in the stocks
Will the stocks continue to drop now that Obama has won the election?

With the exception of a couple of rallies, why have the stocks been dropping since the election? Is it because investors have very little faith in Obama’s new policies? How low can the stocks go before they close the stock exchange?

Haven’t you noticed? It’s done nothing but drop. It started dropping when Obama got into the race. It will probably keep dropping to about 6500 before its done. Sure there will be up days, but it is going to trend down for a while.

The wealthy are taking their money and leaving the country before the new Obama super tax gets pushed through. All those promises he made will be paid for by us working fools that elected him.

Obama told us that we wouldn’t see one dime increase in taxes. He didn’t want to say that it was going to be a dime a minute deal. It will be thousands a year for each of us.

In the stocks

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