Oil Penny Stocks

oil penny stocks
Any info about Emerson Oil and Gas (EOGI.PK)?

Penny stock… but web site link is down and has not traded in a couple days
I have it listed on my YAHOO finance portfolio
No news since Sept.

EOGI was priced at .005 on 1/9/07 closing. It is now priced at .0185 on 1/11/07. This is less than 2 cents a share. It has declined since the beginning of 2006. If you are already invested in this, there is nothing you can do but wait for it to turn around if i does. It has lost 73% over the last year, i would look on msn.com or yahoo finance for some news on whats going on. Or if you have access to a bloomberg terminal you could get everything you could ever want on the stock.

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