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Penny stock, trading and market orders?

I have just been trading for about a year now. I have a penny stock I would like to see however I have sold penny stocks before when the last trade is around .30 and when I do a market order to sell I get a price around .23c. Is there a reason why this happens and is there any way I can see what what my acuall trade price will be, like the trade price said .30 but it sold out at .23. Btw I am using live quotes.

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Mark, for your information and reccords I am 17 have made a nice piece of change and already have a rolex. Penny stocks are not useless after-all.
Using etrade and for live quotes market q

there always three prices given for any security.

The bid price, this is the price that is the price provided by the highest bidder,
The offering (asked) price, the lowest price being offered for sale by a seller
The last price, the price of the last execution.

When a stock is quoted 23-30, this means that there are buyers biding at a23 and sellers offering at 30, if a buy market order comes in the order will be executed at 30, if a sell market order comes in it will be executed at 23

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