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penny stock question?

so ive been watching (ivit) invicta group.

there one of those .0003 penny stocks. ive been watching it for quite some time now. all its been doing is going up down up down from like .0002 to .0003. its actually slowly going down but it keeps just going from 2 to 3 then back down.

so i know this is a huge risk. my real questions is

how long will it take for the buy to go threw?

also i keep hearing about the bid price what does that mean?

what do you think about this stock?

What do I think about this stock? I don’t invest in pump-and-dump penny stocks, but rather high quality companies. You might want to read this article about penny stocks, they are highly speculative and risky.

Your question: “how long will it take for the buy to go threw?” It takes a fraction of a second. With almost any trading platform these days, you can trade every second if you wish, at least 50 times a minute. Trading through a browser, instead of a dedicated downloaded program on your computer, is a little slower, maybe a full second or two or three seconds.

Here is a good reference for finance terms and definitions

What Does Bid Mean?
1. An offer made by an investor, a trader or a dealer to buy a security. The bid will stipulate both the price at which the buyer is willing to purchase the security and the quantity to be purchased.

2. The price at which a market maker is willing to buy a security. The market maker will also display an ask price, or the amount and price at which it is willing to sell.

Investopedia explains Bid
This is the opposite of the ask, which stipulates the price a seller is willing to accept for a security and the quantity of the security to be sold at that price.

1. An example of a bid in the market would be $23.53 x 1,000, which means that an investor is willing to purchase 1,000 shares at the price of $23.53. If a seller in the market is willing to sell that amount for that price, then the transaction is completed.

2. Market makers are vital to the efficiency and liquidity of the marketplace. By quoting both bid and ask prices on the market, they always allow investors to buy or sell a security if they need to.

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