What Is Stock

what is stock
Recipe using chicken stock, to take advantage of good homemade stock?

What is a recipe that uses chicken stock, that will take advantage of the flavors of a good homemade stock?

In reading discussions of homemade vs store-bought stock, ppl say they use homemade for “delicate” soups and other recipes. For non-delicate recipes such as braises which would overpower the stock, store-bought is fine.

So what would be a good “delicate” recipe? Is butternut squash soup “delicate”?

Butternut squash soup isn’t really delicate, but would probably taste great made with homemade stock.

I’d say, make whatever you want with it, homemade will taste better than store bought and its probably better for you.

If you really want to taste the stock, make your own chicken noodle soup with big chunks of chicken, carrot, and celery and egg noodles.

Also, risotto might be a good use for the home made stuff.

What is Stock?

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