Hot Penny Stocks 2010

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What are going to be the hot penny stock picks for 2010?

can anyone shed some light on this, I would like to know some opinions on what penny stocks have good chances of exploding in 2010

I would have to say ethanol stocks like PEIX have a good shot at big gains in 2010. With all the green energy stuff gaining traction it’s almost a no brainer…also I would say stem cell stocks like STEM will have big uptrends for the next 12 months or so.

I have been trading since Nov 2008 when I joined I was pretty sure it was a scam but when I put $500 into CPE and it almost tripled in just a few days after they picked it I changed my mind. (the chart is on the homepage that shows proof of the pick details) Been a susbcriber ever since. There is other penny stock newsletters but most are pretty shady, just be careful.

TSW Hot OTC Penny Stock Winners Video Update

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