Stocks Less Than A Penny

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Will (OTC-Pink Sheet) ERUC be the next successor to Walmart?

ERUC looks to be an attractive stock for less than a penny. There is a lot of potential for this company in offering emergency services that most hospitals are having troubles keeping their emergency services available or alive. There are many hospitals in California that are closing their emergency rooms and/or services. I see that ERUC has spread their services to other states such as Kansas and
Texas. When will ERUC look into California? The feeling I have about this company is that there is a growing need in this industry for these type of services and if it does spread to all the states we have a winner with ERUC. If I am not mistaken, Walmart was the last OTC stock to make it big. Is ERUC next? Any thoughts on this stock?

I wouldn’t count on it. Almost no penny stocks ever become worth anything.

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