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Day Trader information?

Okay, I know this is far fetched. I am 18. Been investing since I was 15. Turned $400 into $2200. Mostly through Citi Bank. I love the market.

I use Zecco. What’s the best site for a frequent trader? 3+ a day. They Charge $4.50 each. 10 free after 15. I have a value around $4000.
Also in Zecco it takes a day, some times 2 days to settle funds to be able to used else where. Is that true everywhere?
Also where do good investers get the ideas for small penny stock day trading. I mean the ‘list’ of the companies, then they go from that and analyse them.

All brokerage firms in North America post security transactions as of the settlement date of the trade – the settlement date being the third business day following the trade date.
So this is not a Zecco policy, it’s the rules governing the posting of transaction set by the SEC and the Federal Reserve which must be followed by ALL brokerage firms in the United States

It’s very hard to day trade penny stock since they do not trade in a regulated market and most major firms do whatever they can to discourage their customer from dealing in stocks that do not have an open market, and present difficulties in clearing and storage.

When you invest/trade in penny stock you should never put up more than you can afford to loose and you should assume you will loose it all. Unlike regular securities, penny stocks usually do not let you use risk cutting procedures (options and/or stop orders) since most are not traded in a regulated market place.

They say when you buy securities you have a 50%-50% chance of making money, when you buy penny stocks you have a 50-50-90% chance, 50-50 chance of making money and a 90% chance of loosing money.

When buying penny stocks, like any other security investment, you never invest 100% of you investing capital. Penny stocks are fun to trade, but you should never count on them to be considered part of your primary investment objectives.

All that said, here are some websites that you will find helpful

HEY “CHIEF”, there is no account in the brokerage industry titled “day trading Account” Day trading is an activity and not a special account, and if done properly it can be done in a cash and/or margin account.
AND the $25,000 is NOT a “balance requirement but if you’re tagged as a “pattern trader (not a day trader) you need a margin account AND maintain $25,000 of equity (not a balance) at all times.

a list of penny stocks

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