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stock market system

Canadian Stock Market Hours Of Operation

Knowing when the stock market hours are in Canada can greatly improve your ability to buy and sell stocks because you know the exact time that you need to act. This can me you more effective at playing the stock market.


Like the New York Stock Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venue are open fro 9:30 AM to 4 PM EST, Monday through Friday. All stock markets are closed on the weekend. They always open on time and will close at exactly the same time. You can coordinate your own clock with the NYSE to make sure you are exactly on the minute as they are, since some stock business can be made or broken in a minute.


In addition to the regular hours, the TSX has an extended time of being open. Monday through Friday, they continue to do business from 4:15 to 5 PM EST.


They are closed for Canadian holidays. This includes Christmas and Boxing day as well as Thanksgiving and Good Friday. If they fall on a weekend, typically the following Monday will be closed to observe them. They are also closed for additional holidays, and these are Labour Day, Victoria Day, Civic Day and Canada Day.


The Canadian market is closely aligned with the American one and they do observe some of their holidays as well since the NYSE and other American markets are closed. These are Thanksgiving in America, Martin Luther King Day, American Independence Day, and their Memorial and Labor Days.


The stock market hours can help you learn when to trade your securities and can help you plan your strategy better. Knowing when they are open can offer you a variety of opportunities to be able to grab deals quickly, or sell them instantly since you know the brokers are on the job.

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