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When daily trading whats best to use?Trading software or Etrade/Zecco account?

Lately i’ve been doing some research and i’ve encounter with some trading softwares like “Lightspeed Trading”, “Interactive Broker”, “MBTrading”, etc… It seems like using one of this programs could be very helpful when dealing with penny stocks. I guess my question is. What do u think about this programs? Would it be a good idea to use one of this software instead a Etrade/Zecco account?.

I personally love Scottrade. $7 is pretty much the lowest commission I can get based on how much money I have.
I’ve got around 5k and I just dip in and out every once and a while–
I rarely day trade. Market’s not very forgiving right now.
I’d wait until late February before you start day trading actually. That’s when my uncle and I seem to think the market is going to start a consistent bear-like trend.

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