Penny Trading Stocks

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Any Personal success stories out there trading penny stocks?

Please No Bull… Its a serious question, just looking for a serious answer, I know they are dangerous, and i know you can loose it all. Just want to hear from someone who has made money off them, I mean someone has to be when you see 600% price increases in a couple of days, Thanks!

It’s certainly possible but rare. Most fail, or stay penny stocks. Here’s a few though:

In early 1985, Apco Argentina (APAGF) traded for 1/8 by 3/8. The stock has since split 4-for-1 (last November) so it was even less than that. It’s now worth about $27 a share,

Ok, here’s a better one. Mylan Labs (MYL) was going for 75 cents a share in 1976. Since then it’s split 11 times (one 5-for-4, four 2-for-1 and six 3-for-2) for a total of 227.8125 for 1. Which means that adjusted for splits, the stock was going for less than one-third of a penny per share. The stock is now going for $13.72 which is about half what it was five years ago. Still, it’s a nice 400,000% return for its low.

CNQR – Traded at $0.3 sometime back in Apr 2001 and is now the darling of the street as an extremely successful Saas company trading at over $47.

Hansen Natural was trading in below $1 in early 1996. It wasn’t until July 2003 that it reliably stayed above $5 a share. The next five years is widely chronicled – July 2003’s price is a split adjusted $0.64 to $28.59

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