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Why People Prefer Forex Trading Than Stock Investing


There are some advantages of Forex trading over stock investing and in these bearish of market times, it would be pertinent to know about them. This article will list 3 main advantages of the paper trade and might help you make your decision to either invest in it or give it a miss. Predictable market movement. The Forex market is all about predictable market movement and as Forex investors, you should always keep this in mind.Many investors who have been playing the currency game for a long time have always said that the market moves in patterns that can be both read and even predicted.

This is because the Forex market can be highly affected by potentials, and these usually follows are certain pattern – for example when the economy hits the trough, or when the world experiences economic growth. In the Forex market, there are things like ‘safe set currencies’ which investors always flock to and ‘predictable growth patterns’ of currency pairs in an event of a disaster. Learn all you can about the predictability of the Forex market and how you can utilise it. Stocks and bonds are not as predictable for the simple reason that they are stifled somewhat by their administrative procedures and that the investor is quite literally the slave of issues like corporate transparency.

Wall Street has shown us that corporate companies do not necessarily tell their investors everything and can ‘simulate’ growth while nothing is there. Have more control about the aspects that affect the market, and although Forex is affected by so many possibles in the world – at least you know about them. Another thing of course is the liquidity of the market. Nobody can deny that a market as large in transaction volumes is liquid.

Its very over the counter nature has made it so and this is why the Forex trade is so popular with the casual home user. This means that investment decisions can be translated into action and profits or the avoidance of a disaster within a much shorter time that traditional markets like stock investing. Administrative procedures can be a killer – a few hours could mean the difference in points, which means you can lose money while you wait for your broker to clear your investments to be sold.

To look at it simply, the Forex market does not require a very high start-up costs as compared to stock investing. There are a higher number of taxes, charges and entry level financing that comes with stock investing. Forex does not require a physical market place and all you need is just a trading platform and small amount of tax. As you can Forex trading has some great advantages over stock investing.


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