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Penny stocks, non-biased advice?

Now I’m no pro stock trader & I know there’s tons of pumpers and scams and inexperienced traders, trading on emotions and hunches..

Now that, that’s outta the way.
Does anyone know of any FREE sites or site, (which don’t require horrid registrations etc) that offers consistent or very regular stock picks that increase sharply and offer these picks before it happens?

I know it’s unlikely and a possible shot in the dark. But I figured I’d ask you all.

A lot of traders on STOCKTWITS (in Twitter) offer intraday & swing trade picks which include penny stocks.

Sign up & follow them. These are two of the best.
Other good ones include;
Market Minute (rarely penny stiocks)

Having said that…… trading penny stocks is really best for traders with 5+ years of experiance.
It’s not the “picks” that make them successful. It’s trading money management. They are successful 50% of the time…. they lose 50% of their trades (on average)……….

Until you understand that…… you don’t have a chance. (as a clue… you’ll notice that none of the successful traders look for big “home runs”)……

Education… always reading good books on trading. Listening to webinars (some of the better brokers have webinars once a week or more…. like ThinkOrSwim)………

Good luck. Take your time…. it will be well worth it.

BTW: is a good example of what to avoid.

How To Trade Penny Stocks For Free. Trade Penny Stocks Right Now

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