How To Buy Penny Stock

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How to sell the penny stock?

I had some capital gain on one stock, but I am still holding 5000 shares penny stock, and the current price shows 0.01, I bought this penny stock at 1.34 two years ago, but during this whole year, there were no trading volume for most of time, occasionally, the daily volume is a few hundreds shares.

How can I sell them out this year, so that I can lower some capital gain on the tax return form. I can not even place an order, since there is no ask/bid price(maybe no one ask/bid this stock for most of time). I do not care how much price, and I just wanna get it out of my hand, so that the capital loss for this stock can be shown on the tax return form.


In order for you to SELL them, someone MUST be willing to buy them. Since the stock is worthless, no one is going to pay anything to take those off your hands. Your ONLY hope is to try and place VERY small sell orders for like 50-100 shares per order and hope that some sucker bites. Other than that, you are pretty much stuck with them.

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