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These days everyone is talking about being frugal and saving money. You may be surprised to find that more people are not embarassed to talk about their finances as much.  Instead of sharing cooking tips and recipes people are now sharing tips for saving money and how to find the best deals on stuff they buy.  Saving money is in like never before.  I wanted to share one tip with you that you may not know about or may have just overlooked - saving money on batteries.  Batteries you say, you cannot save money on batteries.  Can you?  Yes, you can.  You can buy all kinds of batteries online and you can get them cheaper than at your local store.  You can buy them cheaper than your local Sam’s and Costco wholesale stores.  This article will share my tips with you for buying batteries for all your electronics cheap.

People are staying home and enjoying home entertainment more and watching more movies, that means using the remote controls more often, one for the DVD player, one for the HD receiver, one for the TV and maybe one for the stereo surrond sound system.  That’s at least 6 to 8 batteries that you have to replace on a normal basis.You can run to the store every week and buy a new pack of AA or AAA batteries when your remotes run low.  They will run you about $1 to $2 a piece.  You can buy Energizer AA batteries online for 33 to 50 cents each.  You could buy 100 for $38 and that includes free shipping.  Or if you are a Duracell fan, you can buy cheap Duracell batteries for the same prices. 

Better yet, if you need Duracell rechargeable batteries, you can find them online as well and get great deals.These new batteries are designed for high drainage devies that need lithium and NiMH batteries to keep them running.  And if you put the normal Duracell and Energizer AA or AAA batteries in them you will find that you can barely take 10-20 pictures before the battery is drained.  Today’s digital cameras have to power the auto focus and larger LCD displays that people love to check out immediately after they have snapped a funny picture.  Do yourself a favor and buy some high quality rechargeable batteries and enjoy a longer battery life with less downtime changing out batteries.  Capture all the moments you want. 

When you shop online for an often overlooked item, you can save time and money.  Many people think of batteries as an afterthought and you just run out a pick up a new 4 pack at the store and don’t think twice about spending the $4 or $5 you just spent.  But that money adds up.Start saving money $5 at a time every time you don't have to buy a new pack of batteries at the store.Stock up on some new replacement batteries before your remotes all die.

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