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Leaving USA for good. Can I keep my shares/stock investments ?

I have some stocks invested through sharebuilder. I am considered a resident alien for tax purposes in US though I do not possess green card. I am on F1 visa. I will be graduating soon and plan to leave. Can I still maintain my bank account and shares that I have invested in ? The shares I have are all penny stocks (each of them valued around 10 to 30 $). To sell them would cost 10$ each. I would rather leave them and track from my home country and may be wait for a further increase in their value. Is it possible to keep them after I exit US ? Suggestions ?

You can keep your stock regardless of where you live for as long as you would like. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that if you would convert them into another currency after selling them down the road that you incur foreign exchange risk. Probably not a huge deal for your investments, but something to consider nonetheless.

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