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Could I become a millionaire reletively quickly by compound investing penny stocks?

I know that penny stocks, those that are on the AIM,. are sometimes great in terms of performance and growth on your capital. Sometimes they can go up (or down!) several hundred percent a day. If say I had £1,000 to invest, and got onto the AIM market onto penny stocks, and found really great deals that make, say, my money increase by 500%, and I managed to get 1 of these deals every 6 months and it worked out every time at 500% stock increase. Starting as soon as I turned 18, could I grow my money as follows:

0-6 months; £1,000-£5,000

6-12 months; £5,000-£25,000

12-18 months; £25,000-£125,000

18-24 months; £625,000

24-30 months; £3,125,000 = millionaire by age 20 1/2

Would this be piossible to do and has anybody in history ever done something like this using the power of compounding money using penny stocks? Please give a good answer to earn best, best answer.

hey. if luck is on your side. anything is possible. just never give up and belive in your self. one thing. never let anybody bring your hopes down.

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