Day Trade Penny Stocks

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What do you think of Penny Stock Trading?

I have been trading in penny stocks for about 3 months now, and doing fairly well, but i have recently entered the really high risk end of the penny stock market and was wondering what you have all done on these stocks in the past? buy and hold? day trade? what?

link to one of mine

The bigger a risk, the bigger a pay-off….or loss in the world of finance.

The upside of buying penny stocks is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to enter the stock market. If you should make a bad choice, I hope you were wise enough to diversify….buying some energy stocks, auto, retail, etc.

I think penny stock trading is a great way for the little guy to make some money. I wish I had bought Ford while it was a penny stock. In the current market, I think buying CERTAIN penny stocks will yield big payoffs.

How To Day Trade (Part 5) “Why Most Traders Lose Money”

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