Penny Stock Research

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Does anyone have a good tip on a penny stock ?

I will research myself, but would appreciate a good tip.

I have 2 years research in PBLS .(Phoenix Associates)
@ .0175 it is the best value in the market. It is my “AMEX Stock in Penny Clothing”
Put in 8hrs minimum research .
The reason that this company is selling for less than .02 cents is because they have not filed in over 10 years..
They have commited to shareholders to file the form 10 in early 2007

This company owns Oil directional drilling companies, oil downhole rig assemblies . WMD equipment, Oil operation inspection companies, has large leases in Wyoming and Nevada and has already pulled drilling permits for Wyoming.

This Company has a fuel network called “Best Aeronet”
They fuel business class jets in over 600 airport locations in Canada and the US.

They have a Natural Gas “ProGas” company that does over 300 Million in Revenue per year (profitable)

They have a company that is called “BestJet Engines”‘ has a multiyear multi million dollar contract with a company called Avail that is subsidiary of Boieng,
BestJet Engines is the “Only” certified GE partner that is certified in the respooling of the J-85 and CJ-810 Jet engine used all over the world in 55 countries.(More than 10,000 engines still in service and GE supported till the year 2030)
They have a company called “BestJet Airframes” That purchases Lear 20 and 35 series jets and refurbishes and sells them ( you can find the jets on respected Jet net sites selling for millions of dollars)

This Company has an 820 acre gavel, sand and soil pit in close proximity to NewOrleans and Mississippi coast.
Over the last 10 months they have brough int over 5 million dollars worth of equipment to increase production.
A few weeks ago they released that they have commited to 24/6 day a week production to keep up with demand.
They have contracts with the Corps of Engineers, Cherokee Environmental as well as other large contractors.
They say the pit will be depleted in 5 years instead of the original 25 years noted before Katrina
100,000,000 tons of raw sand, gravel and soil in 5 years
This will be over 60 million a year Revenue just from the pit.

They own a company called TCB Properties that just purchased land 01/2007 they acquired this property for $11 million, and borrowed $6.5 million from Madison Realty Capital of New York City to complete the purchase.
This project is located directly on the Tchefuncte River
It is a 12 acre Town Home project located in Madisonville, Louisiana
This project includes 32 Town Home units with boat slips that are to be converted from rental property to be sold as luxury Town Homes. The company expects to add another 32 to 35 Town Homes to the property, to be built by Phoenix’s construction company, 3-D Builders.

They own a few others also.
If you took the time to read this do some research !
Everything and more is verifiable through government and public websites also make phone calls and personal visits

This is my stock for 2007
I ask everyone even skeptics to keep an eye on this company for the next few months. !
Even the lazy investment service purchasers will be amazed at what a little hard work and commitment will do.

Do the research !



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