Best Penny Shares

best penny shares

It’s Always Advisable To Do Your Homework Prior To You Buying Securities

If you are planning on getting into stock investing then it is perhaps not a good time to be on the search for a speedy return by investing a part of your monthly income. An instant “fix” is unlikely to be forthcoming unless one pays a visit to the bookies and takes a “punt” on the 2.30 at Haydock Park! So a lot of people are strangely pleased when they place a bet and they don’t really care what the outcome is.

Whether it makes sense to invest in the Penny shares market is something which we have already discussed. Don’t wrongly assume that these shares are only going to cost a penny because of the name; however, you ought to be able to pick them up for less than $5. The low value of penny shares means that there is more risk involved but a lot of people who invest in this market will be aware of this. Another problem with penny shares is the fact that the price can swing lots in one or other direction in a short space of time and this can encourage inexperienced investors to sell if the price jumps a great deal. It is often the case that the price will drop again before they get the chance to actually complete the sale. It’s simple to make an incorrect decision because of how volatile the market is.

You also need to think in regards to the time of year when investing. Believe it or not, it’s only about 100 days until Xmas. But we don’t like to mention that until December rolls around. But the fact is that you will find very few pay days left until the ‘C’ word. A few weeks ago I suggested buying of one share as a gift. You could think about this if you’ve a teenager that you find it hard to buy for normally despite the fact this is simply not a real investment. This might be just the encouragement that they need to get them started on the stock market. This is also a nice gift for a christening.

Subscribing to online investment newsletter is often a good suggestion provided the newsletter you subscribe to is not an advertising method. Some newsletters purport to contain information but do check the small print at the bottom which may clarify the position. If they are promoting buying of particular stock for which they have received a fee, obviously that can’t be classed as unbiased information.

It could be useful to acquire a book aimed at “Investing for Beginners” to gain a little additional knowledge before risking hard-earned monies on the stock market. Last week I suggested that the first safe way to invest is in the method of a Cash ISA and the amount of £5,340 which can bring a reasonable tax free return. Before you invest in anything else each year, this might be an ideal way to start.


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