Canadian Penny Stock

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What canadian oil company is being talked about in this email I was sent?

The beginning of the article read:

A penny stock has just leased the single largest oil sands holding in Canada…with over 707,000 acres of oil rich real estate under their control.
Geologists estimate this small firm could be sitting on as much as 60 billion barrels of oil.
Canadian newspapers like The Regina Leader-Post, the Edmonton Journal are all publishing the story.
The good news is this development has gone widely unreported here in the States. But it’s unlikely to stay that way for long.
We think this tiny $5 stock could easily go all the way up to $30…maybe even $50 dollars a share.

Its likely BQI. Personally, I am not a big fan of this company. The oil is sold at a 40 dollar discount to WTI and the capex for these type of projects have really gone out of sight.

I heard from Suncor on a CNBC program last week on oilsands it costs now close to 20 billion in capex to add 100000 bbls of capacity per day. If this statement is true that will really squash the production growth of oilsands.

It would take 18 years to recover your costs assuming a 50% margin and no taxes . That is a pathetic IRR of 4%. I also think the margins are likely lower given the imput costs of natural gas in the SAGD process.

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