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top penny shares
Will the left wing vote Republican when?

Facts are facts and even Obama took every penny from the top 5 % in this country ( who pay 80% of all taxes ) it would not even be close to cover the cost of what he is trying to do… It won`t even pay the interest on it…. When there is nothing else to take and Obama starts taking 50-80 % of the left wing`s pay check will they do the patriotic thing and as Biden said give it up or will they finally see what is going on and vote for everyone paying their fair share and get tired of paying for the ones who refuse to get a job let alone look for one. Now Obama want`s us to even pay for ther car insurance. What`s next !!! I`m sure China will not be willing to pay the bill when everyone is forced on welfare and get everything they need for nothing rather than busting your rear end and get the same thing as those who won`t . Who will pay the bill….. I`m sure the left will still will blame Bush for this as well

there will always be some naive people that will continue to slobber all over him and believe the lies about how he will take care of everyone. The ones that don’t pay taxes will support him since they are looking for a hand out.

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