Penny Stocks To Invest In 2011

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Stocks penny stocks or what plz help read details?

Ok so I’m young and ne and my dad r going to invest first off I have 100 bucks to use I want to know tips and what I should do to get some more money hopefully in 2011 should I use penny stocks regular stocka or what I an getting info before I do this and itwould be help ful thanks

I would suggest not bothering with penny stocks. A better name for penny stocks would be worth less stocks. Why would you want to own a company that has penny (1cent) shares. This is like owning a whole share of a pizza parlor at the corner of your street. If a person has a pizza parlor and wants capitol for a bigger parlor, but he/she can’t get a $200,000 loan, they can sell shares of penny stocks on the OTC. Wouldn’t it be better to just buy shares of Pizza Hut and forget about the pizza parlor. Penny stocks are like betting. People bet that a looser company might be the next Pizza Hut.

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