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The best Canadian PENNY STOCK broker?

I am Canadian citizen and looking for a very low commission broker to trade penny stocks!
firstly I don’t want to get screwed by buying millions of shares(because of high commissions, hidden costs, limited amount of shares that you can buy or…)
secondly, a broker with fast execution of my trades, no hidden fees, preferably flat fee and …
I tried to open account with ZECCO, but they don’t accept Canadian citizens !

ANY SIMILAR, LOW RATE COMMISSION, GOOD penny stock broker for newbie Canadian like me?????

What do you think about followings: / tradefreedom / Etrade /

It is a good question. Probably the answer is none. Unless you like high risk low average return. Especially if you are new at investing. Practice somewhere else where the odds are less stacked against you. Save your money and use it later for something you really understand.

What is Penny Stocks — Penny Stock Investment in Canadian Stock Exchange

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