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stock to watch

How To Choose A Stock Market Watch Service

There are numerous companies (mostly online) that provide the service of a stock market watch. In this discussion we will briefly highlight the main features you should require from such a service.


Firstly they should provide you with the latest market prices. There are numerous free services that offer delayed prices ‘ which mean they only update their prices every ten or fifteen minutes, some only daily. Whether to use on of them depends on your trading style. Long term traders don’t need live prices. They normally only check prices once a day. Day traders absolutely need live prices.


The second service they should provide is general market news. A trader needs to know what happened to the dollar in Hong Kong before the markets open in New York the same day. He also needs to know if there was a stock market crash in Tokyo the same morning, because that will inevitably have an effect on market prices in Europe and America.


Another good service to have is market commentary by experts. Especially if you are new to trading, it is very useful to read what the people in the know think of what’s going to happen in the marketplace. If they are right, you will learn to look for the same signs next time. If they are wrong, you will learn to read more critically in future.


Many online market watch services also offer the facility to send you an email when stocks you are watching hit a certain price. If you don’t have sophisticated trading software to watch several stocks at once, this service will be vary valuable to you.


Finally: being a trader and working from home could be a very lonely career. It is therefore a huge advantage if the stock market watch service you use offers an online community. This way you can become part of a community and learn from more experienced traders.

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