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To you professional traders_have questions?

Is there a better forum to ask these questions?
Do any of you think there’ll be a pull back any time soon?
I might be laid off soon and want to get what little wealth I have working for me.
Are you all bullish?
Is BAC a good play for the housing market?
Anyone listen and believe Cramer?
Do you think this Korea thing is going to upset the market much?
Anyone buy penny stocks and making money?
Anyone making money trading currency? How tough is that to learn?

Learning to trade takes time. It takes a lot of hard work. Less than 5% of those that try today… will be trading this time next year. Don’t trade FX until you’ve got trading stocks under your belt. Remember that money management (always using stops, position sizing etc) is more important than picking the “right” stocks.

For long term investing…… that’s easier. The key is to learn “asset allocation” & then create a model that works for you.

Cramer’s stock picks are “OK” but he gives no advice on money management or asset allocation…. so therefore his picks are useless to the investor or trader.

Korea…… listen to the market not the news. If you’re a long term investor….. ignore it.

Penny stocks are in the same class as FX. Unless you’ve already got a great track record in mid & large cap stocks…… you’ll get killed.

BAC may be a good pick with the right asset allocation & position sizing techniques (and of course…. a correctly placed stop).

None of this stuff is “tough” to learn….. it’s the application that kills most………………………..

Expect to take 6-12 months to learn the basics of investing. Learning trading….. never stops. Both are challenging and enjoyable.

Asking strangers, whose qualifications and motives can never be known…. is a dangerous way to start.

Taking “tips” from anyone (yes…. anyone) is always the wrong thing to do.

Trying to get “home runs” with stocks usually leads to disaster.

Read. Read a lot. Learn.

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