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According To Professionals Of Currency Exchange Academy And Stock Exchange Trade Of Masterforex-V, The Expansion Of Real-Estate Costs Is Supported By Such Elemental World Factors As : Investment Expansion, The Top Performer, Unexpectedly To Several, Will Become Asian-Pacific Region,Investments In US Real-Estate, Features Of Capitals, Investment Climate.

In 2011, the housing market ultimately returned to its pre-crises level of 2008, having successfully overcome the decline that had lasted more than 2 years. Focusing on the flow-in of substantial investments into this sector, mavens predict even higher growth and make most optimistic predictions. Nonetheless the dynamics of recovery is not the same everywhere.

Predictions are on the increase of real-estate prices in the world. What’s the bullish trend due to?

According to experts of Foreign exchange Academy and stock exchange trade of Masterforex-V, the growth of property prices is supported by such elemental world factors as :

1. Investment expansion. According to predictions of the worlds leading consulting firms, in the current 2011 year the general sum of investments into the world real-estate can, according to estimations, amount to 329 bln dollars. This is 17% more than the same index numbers in 2010.

2. The top performer, surprisingly to several, will become Asian-Pacific region. There investments in real estate will increase virtually twice. In 2011 this sector will receive the flow-in of more than 104 billion bucks, which is 45% more than last year. The only sum of investments certainly can’t impress by its vastness, but the growth is very impressive.

3. Investments in US real-estate. Real estate on American continent still remains extraordinarily tasty to. In 2011 they’re going to agree to invest in this sector 14% more means than last year. This means the overall sum of investment about 111 bln greenbacks.

4. Concerning EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), it’ll significantly fall behind its neighbours, being able to attract only 114 bln greenbacks. Despite the significance of the overall sum, this is only 2 percent more than in 2010.

5. Features of capitals. The characteristic feature of all of these processes will become the local origin of capitals that are directed into real property. In contrast to pre-crises period, backers will rather invest cash in well-known nations. For the overwhelming majority of businessmen these are their own states.

6. In Europe and Middle East local capital will provide more than 90% of all investments in property. These index numbers are somewhat lower in Northern Africa, about 80%.

7. Investment climate. Improvement of investment climate in the world will be accompanied by the development of bank sector, which will be called to share all possible risks with stockholders.

8. The size of transactions on real estate hire will increase, as this kind of commercial relations is way more foreseeable than the usual purchase-sale. Predictions on the rent are always more precise than prophecies on a probable future value of one object or another as reported

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