Penny Shares 2011

penny shares 2011
Are Kate Middleton’s parents wealthy?

The wedding date of Prince William & Kate Middleton will take place on Friday April 29, 2011…and it was announced that the Royal Family & the family of Kate Middleton will share in the expenses of the wedding. This is blowing a lot of people away. We know the Royal Family isn’t short of a few pennies, but it is wondered about Kate’s family. Are they wealthy..or is it that they’re hosting an engagement party for the couple…something unheard of in Royal circles.

They weren’t born wealthy, but they are now because of the success of their company Party Pieces. Which makes them self-made millionaires. If you want to buy something from the Middletons and make them even richer, it’s all at They even sell stuff for weddings, wedding cake decorations, wedding invitation cards… maybe they will contribute that way?

The cost of the wedding itself will not be that large by those standards of wealth. The biggest expense is likely to be the cost of policing it, which will be picked up by the British taxpayer. And before anyone moans about that, I did a quick calculation and worked out that the cost of the police overtime and other security will cost something like 30p per British citizen.

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Penny Shares 2011

penny shares 2011
I feel like my life is going to end.. I needs urgent advice PLEASE!!?

I am a JR. in college I only need 7 more months and I graduate this December! that’s all i need but my schedule is packed with 5 classes for summer and 6 for fall, that’s no problem for me because I love going to school BUT I’ve been unemployed for 3 months and all my debts are piling up! My husband makes minimum wage and he has been helping me but it’s not enough. We live with my parents and share 1 car :( so basically we are at the lowest of the lowest of the lowest right now. I don’t even have a penny in my pocket.

The thing is, do i finish college survive on nothing and live ta the mercy and help of my parents (they don’t have money either) I need extra for gas etc etc or do I get a full-time job and postpone my graduation for DEC 2011?

I don’t know what to do!?!? I can’t find a part-time job at night i’ve been to 10+ interviews and they all rotate schedules or need someone with a flexible schedule. What to do????
Thank you!!! I thought about the US coast guard

Before you make any changes, to speak to your school. They should have some student jobs on campus – ask. They may also have listings for local part-time jobs that tend to be suitable for students.

Do you have any interest in the military? The National Guard is a very good part-time job – one weekend a month, two weeks a year, and you get a salary, a sign-on bonus, great experience for your resume, and – importantly – they will pay your tuition for school. The problem, of course, is the risk that you’ll be deployed. It is highly likely that you will be deployed at least once every five years, for a year or so at a time, and that’s something you must consider as part of your decision.

If you live on a coast or a major waterway, the Coast Guard Reserves is another realistic option, which usually requires less far-from-home deployment than does the rest of the military. Coast Guard Reserves typically serve close to home. But again, there is always the risk, so you’d want to go in with your eyes open. But hey – free tuition, a salary, and an amazing experience.

Another option is to get a summer job at a summer camp or a resort for this summer, if there are any near where you live. The job will be full-time, so you won’t be able to take your classes, but it may allow you to get ahead a bit, financially. You’d return to school full time in the fall, and graduate in May rather than December. You can talk to your college about that option as well – a lot of summer camps and resorts recruit out of colleges.

And that’s an option re: the part-time jobs you’ve already interviewed for as well. You take one of those, and don’t take any classes this summer. Your plan is to return to school in the fall, but you don’t tell them that. Instead, when fall comes, you ask for a steady schedule. If they can’t do that, you quit. But at least you’ll have gotten ahead a bit, financially. In an ideal world, I’d like this part-time job to have something to do with what you want to do for a career when you graduate, so it can help beef up your resume.

Another option is – can you type/use a computer well? If you can, then contact the temp office employment agencies in your area. Those tend to hire temp workers for office jobs, and those jobs tend to be pretty 9-5. Yes, it would mean you couldn’t take a full 5 classes this summer, but you could take at least 1-2 evening classes, and again, this would allow you to get ahead, financially.

And yet another option is to talk to the folks in financial aid at your school, and see if you can get your aid adjusted to help you out a bit more until you graduate. But that will likely mean more loans. But it is an option.

Good luck. I hope that some of my ideas have helped.

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