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Trending With Stock Price History

Stock price history plays a key role in analytical tools that provide trends for stock trading. A person who is going to be an active trader will want to learn about the different tools and systems that use this history in order to understand how certain systems, methods and strategies are used in successful trading.


Analytical tools for trending can go back as far as twenty years and many successful traders take advantage of this data when they are making decisions. When several companies in an industry are compared it is easy to see common trends and those that are unique to a specific company.


Some industries have significant rises or falls every nine or ten years. These are called long term trends. The price that is the lowest is called the floor, or support and the highest price is called the ceiling, or resistance for the company or industry.


Intermediate trends take place every three to five years within those long term trends. These gains and losses may be due to a major adjustment in the industry, a death of a leader, or a change in the companies infrastructure. Within these trends are the short term trends which may be from a few weeks to several months. These trends are more erratic and usually are the result of immediate changes in the market or sudden corporate losses or gains.


Successful traders use several tools to analyst trends simultaneously. These tools are adjusted to meet the specifications of the industries they are trending. When analyzed properly trends can provide information that will increase the gains a person makes from their investments and give a person important information.


Learning how to complete trending analysis from stock price history gives a trader the important information they need regarding what to set their stop-loss and limit orders at and what to set their buy and sell orders at. This can help to preserve gains and avoid losing money during trading.

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