Penny Stock Strategy

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Anyone know of a REPUTABLE source for weekly and monthly covered call option strategies?

Please, no ‘Get rich quick’ schemes or ‘Penny stock’ ads. I’m looking for current good quality covered call options advice. Something like Jim Cramer or Motley Fool etc. does with stock picking.

You might want to look at Market Intelligence Center. I set up a Google Alert for “covered calls” and usually get four to five suggestions a day from them. (I don’t know how they make money on giving away this information. Maybe they have a subscription to a broader database of data.) An alert will give you other articles, blogs, etc. (in fact that’s how your question came to my attention.) You won’t get all of their suggestions at the price they suggest. (I think this is an issue of the time delay from their recommendation to a daily Google alert. I assume if you subscribed you could get their recommendations in real time.) I only started looking at their suggestions a few months ago and the first batch of call options just expired Friday. I’ll have to see how they all shook out on Monday, tho it looks like four of the five I bought are in the black.

A must know stock trading strategy (Useful for those under the Pattern Day Trade rule)

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