How Do I Buy Penny Stocks

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How many shares of a penny stock should I buy?

Let’s say it’s $5 a share. Secondly, is it best to sell by end of day or the next day? I know it depends on the stock and where it’s going, but as a generalization, how long do you keep a penny stock for before turning it?

i hold until it falls then i buy back in again with the rebound so it could be many times within that same day or if i think the stock has a great future then i will keep holding ,i once sat on 3 million for months many moons ago watching it move up a touch and then down again until an extremely positive PR was released which sent it into orbit – from 0.30 pence to 2.70 ,i sold at 2 ½ pence and then watched as it kept going upwards , the profit taking kicked in and presently its back right down again to around 0.53 pence but it made me a load at the time as im still using the money i obtained from that to buy different stocks today…

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