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Starcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review

The ultimate Starcraft 2 strategy guide around is undoubtedly the Shokz Guide for Starcraft 2.  There’s good reason this guide is called the Ultimate Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide – and that’s because it is the most complete and all-encompassing guide online, and definitely has the largest set of videos.  If you buy the Shokz guide, I am sure you will be a winning player in no time.  John Greenhoe, the author of the Shokz Guide, is one of the top ranked Diamond League players and has been a beta player for Starcraft 2 since it came out for beta testing in the start of 2010.

Here is a comprehensive Shokz Guide Review you must check out prior to buying anything.

It is absolutely comprehensive and gives instruction on everything from the Starcraft 2 Single Player campaign under Brutal difficulty to the smartest tactics for all races on the server.  The Shokz Guide grants you access to detailed instructional videos and maps of every mission, including the secret mission, and demonstrates to you how to win all the achievements.

The multiplayer portion of the guide teaches you about build orders, micro and macro, spying, and basically every aspect of SC2.  It will give anyone a massive advantage against any opponent.  It also has amazing instruction and videos on each type of multiplayer game, from 1v1 on.  Until this guide came out, I could never defeat Terrans as a Protoss.  Until learning the secrets of this Starcraft 2 guide, I always thought that a good Terran player would almost always beat Protoss or Zerg races, but now I know better ;).

The member’s area is especially impressive.  The Shokz Guide member’s area has a section where members can select what future parts of the guide John Greenhoe (the author) improves.  Shokz Guide members also get access to hundreds of member videos and replays that are broken down to demonstrate to you the most useful techniques in all circumstances.

I have seen several strategy guides, and picked the best strategy guides for Starcraft 2 here with a full review of each of them.

Here’s a partial list of topics you will see in the Shockz Guide – Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide:

* A starter’s introduction, including a detailed six chapter beginner guide

* Step by step instruction with video demos for dozens of different scenarios

* Zerg, Protoss, and Terran perfect builds

* A comprehensive strategy guide to all races, including a guide displaying which units are most effective against enemy troops.

* A complete single player campaign guide set on brutal difficulty, including all maps, instructional videos, and getting every achievement.

* Special techniques for every race that will beat 90% of the players out there who do not have this strategy guide.

* Other more individual strategy guides, such as How to use Reapers effectively, 2v2 Bunker, Reaper, Pylon, Cannon Rush Guides, Micro and Macro Guide, and much much more…

The future expansions for the Zerg and Protoss campaigns will also be included in the Shokz Guide as soon as they are available, for no additional charge.  As of right now, the Shokz guide is updated all the time with new strategies as well as specific forum member questions, so I have no doubt the expansion pack upgrades will be included as well.  Shokz Guide provide a sixty day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

A totally new strategy guide that works from within the actual game, named the Diamond Gamer Addon, was recently released.  I’ve tried it for the past few months and it is a terrific choice that is totally different from anything else I have played with.

My advice is that if you truly want to master SC2, or even if you just want to improve your multiplayer abilities or build orders for a specific race, then this is the guide for you.

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