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How do I find the value of a share of stock in a privately held company?

My father has at least several thousand shares of stock in a private company he was a silent partner with in the 80′s. Now he has lost all record of this and has since fallen out with the primary owner so he has no way of knowing really how many shares he has or how to find out their value as the company is not responsive.
Other than spending a fortune on an attorney, ( for all we know the stock could be worth pennies and he’d hate to put more $$ into an attorney than the value.) to figure it out how can he go about identifying the per share value of what he owns and how can he even legally show ownership if he has no paperwork?

That depends on his rights as a silent partner.

If your father has no information or recollection about those issues, you will have no option but to retain a lawyer (who specialized in this area. Look for one with a CPA on staff) Figure $2000 to start.

The only source for that information is audited financial statements. As an owner, he should be getting them and a CPA or qualified financial analyst should be able to comb through the details and ball park his share.

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