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Where did you learn to trade Options and how long did it take you to get the hang of it?

When I say “where” I mean any good books or websites or strategies?

If you have small amounts of cash is it better to use it on penny stocks or options?


When I first learned about options there was no internet and there were not a lot of books on the subject, so most of my initial education came from by broker. (In those days that was a person you talked to who gave you advice.)

Since that time I have expanded my knowledge by reading books.


Years, but I never made any effort to learn what I needed to know quickly.


There are two excellent spam-free web resources for learning the basics about options.

Once you have completed the free education available at these sites, I still recommend reading at least one good book about options before trading them. Any of the books in the bibliography at

can be considered “good” depending on your level It is best to review several at a large library, large bookstore, or at to pick a book appropriate for you.

My favorites, which may not be the best for you, are

McMillan, Lawrence G.: Options as a Strategic Investment, Fourth Edition, New York, New York Institute of Finance, 2002.

Natenberg, Sheldon: Option Volatility and Pricing, Revised Edition, Burr Ridge, Illinois, Irwin Professional Publishing, 1994.


IMHO, options. With options you can learn what you need to know about the underlying company. with most penny stocks that is difficult or impossible.

I should add that in general I would recommend that anyone with “small amounts” start by investing in long term traditional (not penny) stock positions.

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