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Where can I buy penny shares in the USA or UK markets?

I get emails about hot alerts about hot stocks/shares such as AMWI among others? Where and how can I actually buy and sell these shares. I would like to trade in penny shares / invest in penny shares. Where and how can I open an account to be able to do this please? in addition where and how can I search for such shares, and also perhaps what would be a useful resource for checking a companies profile, details of its promoters, accounts, product portfolio,etc. Thank you!

What more is there to say


After throwing money into the street its the quickest way to lose money.

One of the BIG things of penny shares is that they are difficult to trade,
The difference between what you will have to pay to buy them and what you will get when you sell them (IF you can sell them) can be HUGE. So they have to increase ENORMOUSLY before you make even a penny.
(Often they are NOT traded, they are bought/sold on a “matched bargain” basis. That means that in order to sell say 1000 shares somebody has to want to buy EXACTLY 1000 shares. Until somebody does then you cant sell them.)

“resource for checking a companies profile, details of its promoters, accounts, product portfolio,”
In your dreams. – the ONLY source is likely to be the e-mails you receive.
More often than not penny shares are in companies NOT on any official stock exchange – so the companies are NOT subject to the rules and regulations of those stock exchanges.

Penny stocks from Micro stocks alert

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