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Would you rather be really smart, or a really good researcher?

Many people think I am a genius, but what I am is a good Finder of Information. I know how and where to look for stuff..

People ask, “how do you know this stuff” (as relates to their question). I answer, “it’s called research. I spend hours learning about things that are of general interest, and then my friends can spend a minute gleaning from me, the time spent learning.”

Ben Franklin said, “a person’s knowledge is his stock in trade”. (he actually said that about lawyers)

Of course the more you Research, the more you retain, creating a combination of knowledge and maybe even a little wisdom.

Your “thoughts”? Are you the “go-to” person when someone needs free information? lol.

I never got around to actually asking the question… DO YOU like being the “well of knowledge”? or or do you resent the apparent laziness people exhibit when asking, instead of doing the work themselves?

People get good at what they do yes, for some it is fixing cars and bikes, and for others it is giving out knowledge that is retained. It really is just a talent you have that you should be thankful for, because it can give you an advantage in the education system, which gives you a slight advantage in the job market. Even though I’m about average in IQ, I have a good memory in general, and a very good short term memory. That helped me pass subjects with minimum effort while in school and university, but in the end hard work is what really pays off.

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