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Good Stocks to Buy: you Got a Penny?

In my area of work you get many questions just like this one: “Which is a good stock to buy?†And sometimes, depending on the person, I answer back with another question: “You pot a penny?†People always stare at me with a look on their face that says: “Is this guy a joke?†or “Is this guy for real?†Well no, I’m not a joke, and yes I’m for real.

I gotta tell ya, it’s how I started out; penny stocks. They’re one of the best stocks to buy because of the little cost they represent and the big chances you have to get money out of the deal. With normal stocks you’re going to have to invest more than a thousand times more to begin making some real profit out off them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in them, by all means do so. The thing is that if you’re starting out – even if you’re already experienced – going with penny stocks is a wise decision.

But why?

Well, how many people have lost all their money in the stock market? Hey, it’s not as unusual as you might think! But those people start off buying stocks from the all popular Apple, IMB, Google, and all the other big boys out there. Do you know how much one stock costs from some of these guys? It goes from $100 – $500, some reaching the +$1,000.

One hundred dollars is ten thousand pennies! Even though a stock penny hardly ever really costs just one penny, I think you can see my point. But coming across a good penny stock to buy isn’t that easy. You have to do your research; you’re homework. Once you do have a penny stock spotted, then all I can say to you is great job, good luck, and keep it up! Because on your path to success you’ll see many riches many could just dream of.

How to Find Good Stocks to Trade

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