Penny Stock Market

penny stock market

The Best Penny Stocks in 2009? The Guess Work Finally Removed From Penny Stock Trading!

What if you knew just where to find the best penny stocks? By today’s standards, a “penny stock” is a stock that is trading at a price less than one dollar per share (although some traders consider it to be one trading for less than $5; point is, it’s a very inexpensive stock.) Usually a penny stock is issued by a very small company and is very illiquid and highly speculative, having the potential for extreme volatility even in one day. The company is typically subject to limited listing requirements among other special listing and filing requirements.

Now, if these stocks are so volatile, why would anyone even care about the best penny stocks? It’s because there is great opportunity in volatility for investors who know what they’re doing. In fact, know how to work volatility is how all rich and successful investors have made their fortunes.

2009 presents a great opportunity for stock investment at any level due to global financial uncertainty as stocks rise and fall rapidly.

Let’s face it, people: Barack Obama’s honeymoon with the people is already over. The mainstream media continue to do his bidding like the fawning dogs they are, but smarter people know the truth: his and his Congress’ bailouts and expense bills are already too much for many Americans, including many Democrats, to bear. Businesses are terrified of what this government is going to do to them, and so is the average investor. And we see this reflected in the stock market, and things are only going to get “worse” before they get better. (In fact, there is growing talk of full-blown, throw-out-the -President revolution in the streets all over the Internet.)

Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? But, here’s the great news for you: All of the greatest investors have known that “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets” as J.D. Rockefeller put it.

All you need is knowledge. This is where best penny stock advisor newsletters come in. These newsletters advise guys like you and me about what penny stocks to put their money in, when to do it (which is usually very, very soon), and the maximum price to pay for them. Then they advise you on when to sell them, and at what price.

The people who write these newsletters are professionals who research the markets constantly. They also use algorithms and computer programs which have been been created that spot penny stock movements and provide predictions of consistently accurate gains on day trading. So you have professional, experienced investors being advised by software “expert advisors” or “stock robots” about how to pick the best penny stocks. And for a very affordable price, they are willing to share their knowledge with you.

You see, that affordable price is ZERO! Yes, there really is a free newsletter that is issued each week, providing the best penny stock picks and taking the pain out of analysis and reducing the risk for you.

The best penny stocks are where the money is at in these darkening days.

Penny Stock Brick-and-Mortar

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