Hot Penny Stocks To Buy

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What Is Your Personal Investment Strategy?

I am not only talking about stocks.

What is your business strategy, how do you create 200$ with a 1000$ investment? Where do you buy oranges at a price of 1000$ and resell them at a price of 1200$ ( Easy ) How do you start from scratch?

What should be a 21 years old business man first step?

What is your penny stock, your secret.

How do you proceed to buy your first investment (real estate, emerging markets, techno).

What is going to be hot in the next 5 years.

Share with us your vision, your secret.

Jean Francois Hotte

Hi, I like to trade stock options. But to be successful at trading options in the stock market, you’ll need practice. The best way to get practice is through paper trading, that’s where you follow a stock and pretend you are actually putting trades in and then taking them out, hopefully for a profit.

You can also find books on the subject, like on amazon or barnes and noble. You’ll need a good foundation on the basics. There are also different strategies when it comes to trading options so you’ll need to learn those first as well.

For more advanced ways on how to trade options, there are sites that offer guidance. The advantage with these sites is that they will take you beyond the basics and offer you a better chance at higher returns on your trades.

I’ve listed some sites below that you can check out, they are for information purposes only and not a recommendation. However, you will learn a little more than what you can get from reading books.

I think if you start your learning this way, you will be able to succeed in trading options. Others have done it so there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to do it too.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Hot penny stocks to buy for long term investments 2013

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