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Get Shaking With These Penny Stocks

Many portfolios took such a beating over the past several years that their owners are fascinated by penny stock moversas a means of recouping some of their lost capital. While this is not a standard investment technique, the volatility and narrow trading range of blue chip stocks means that they’re virtually the maximum amount of a drawback danger as a penny stock, but without any of the unlimited upside potential. While it would not be an excellent idea to put all the financial eggs in a penny stock basket, now is an excellent time to dedicate a sliver of venture funds toward these speculative plays.

Penny Stock Movers in First Industries

A lot of the finest penny stock opportunities arise out of the explosive growth in extraction industries such as valuable metal producers and oil exploration and development firms. Here are one or two standouts to consider.

Few people understand that Israel has changed into a serious target of oil exploration and development. Zion Oil and Gas (ZN) holds 3 development blocks inside the home territory of Israel. The Corporation has avoided partnering up with other players and so giving away major pieces of the action in the event of a major find.

British Columbia mining company Sultan Minerals (SUL) has been trending upwards in company with several other precious metal penny stock movers. The stock has broken out of its $0.03 range and surged up as high as $0.095. Now building a base of support around $0.04, Sultan continues to form profitable joint partnerships in the area that should lead to further upward moves in the stock price.

Triangle Petroleum (TPLM) is one of those “if only” stocks. Once a notice board stock that traded around $0.04, it’s currently an ASE listing that just cracked the $7 a share barrier.

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