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Your Writing Abilities Can Help You Earn Money Through Bum Marketing


If you ask many different people this question, chances are, your head will be spinning by their different answers. You see, there are lots of appropriate good home-based business in the Internet today. One person needs to do is to opt for something which can help them or what is best for them. For example, if you are good at making cakes and decorating them, you can go for a cake decorating business. If you are very fond of doing a little sewing of everything, why not learn how to make your hobby in sewing and mending into a home-based. If you’re good at selling, why not go for selling or promoting many different items online like an affiliate marketing, perhaps? If you are an expert or has the flair for writing articles, why not go for Bum Marketing?

Bum Marketing is another way of making good money via the Internet without promoting anything like products or services. All you need to have is a computer and an Internet access. Then, you make some topics like a mad scientist and here is a tip: make an article about something that is very popular in Cyberspace, like, something that has a very good money-making opportunity in the niche market. For example, if most people are talking about laptops today, why not write something about laptops then you can learn how to include this in, say for example, in Google’s search and when some buyer reads your articles after searching for laptops and he clicks and he buys, you make money and that’s the Bum Marketing method.

You just need to be keen and very observant with what is happening on the Internet, what is coming in and going out, what are the popular products or topics today and you write something about it and you make money. But don’t worry. You don’t have to be a good writer of anything in order to do that. You just write something about something straight from your heart or from what you know and that’s it. Maybe, a 100-word article or so can spell a big difference and the juiciest part is, you don’t have to do this 8 hours a day. Maybe an hour or so, maybe up to 3 hours is sufficient enough. At that time, you may be able to make around 1 or 2 articles and that’s okay. So, what is Bum Marketing? Bum Marketing is…enjoying both time and financial freedom.

CNBC’s Mad Money w_ Jim Cramer

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